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Bryant Plastics is your one stop specialty plastic pipe manufacturer. Bryant Plastics produces and distributes all types of specialty pipe, tubes, rods, and fittings applications which can even be made out of recycled PVC material.

We can make pipe to fit most any specification. For example, do you need your pipe cut in certain lengths, how about a certain color, or how about certain perforations for government bids?

Bryant Plastics Material Processing Center has a wide array of material processing equipment that can adapted for most any custom application. Currently, we have a material cleaning system, grinding system and pulverizing system, which allows us to buy, sell, and use recycled materials. The Material Processing Center's versatile systems allow us to process most any type of material to your specification at an economical price.

In the past, we have done a full range of specialty work to better serve our customers. If you have a special application using any type of PVC pipe or material, give us a call.

We will be glad to talk to you.


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