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Bryant Plastics' line of heavy duty 2729 Sewer and Drain pipe (3000 # crush) with belled ends and 10' lengths is one of best on the market. Even though it is the heaviest S&D pipe on the market, we are still able to maintain competitive prices. The S&D pipe line is made in 3", 4", & 6" and in solid or perforated (2 rows of standard 1/2" holes).

Bryant Plastics produces a line of high quality SDR 35 sewer main pipe. ....The SDR 35 solvent weld pipe comes in 10' lengths with belled ends. This industrial strength sewer pipe comes in the following sizes: 3", 4" & 6" D3034 SDR35. The SDR 35 solvent weld pipe comes in 19 lengths with belled ends. Furthermore, the SDR35 line also includes green gasketed sewer main pipe. This green gasketed sewer main pipe come In 4"& 6" D3034 SDR35, in 13' lengths and a Rieber locked-in gasket.

Bryant Plastics' heaviest and most durable line of PVC pipe is SCH 40. The SCH 40 line is produced in the following sizes: 3/4",1",1-1/4", 1-1/2", 2", 3", 4" and 6". This line comes with a belled end and 10' or 20' lengths, We also carry a line of conduit grey SCH 40 pipe for speciality applications.

In addition, Bryant Plastics carries a complete line of S&D and SCH 40 fittings. Please call for specifics and prices. We also specialize in odd and different size culvert pipe ranging from 8" to 30" for specific applications. We ship our product via company owned trucks, and will make 2 or 3 stops on a load. Shipments can be mixed with different products of any quantity and we pay freight on 1/2 truckload or more, Deliveries currently are running a week to 10 days after receipt of order. Please contact Todd or Ralph for further information.


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